The Band


The Jagged Stones bring “The World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band” to life with the same unbridled spirit and raw energy that made The Rolling Stones the iconic act it is today. Complete with, keyboards, horn section, backup singers, and percussionist, The Jagged Stones deliver every pout, preen and raunchy riff fans expect, bringing the entertainment level of an over-the-top arena show up close and personal.  No other Stones tribute band delivers the impact, sound, and energy of a full 12 piece band show.

Stones classics including “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, “Satisfaction,” “Start Me Up” and “Brown Sugar” sound as fresh and exciting as they did the first time you heard them on the radio. Die-hard fans will bubble over when they hear deeper cuts rubbing audio elbows alongside those and other Stones standards.

Leading the charge as Mick Jagger is acclaimed vocalist Stephen Skipper. Skipper’s separated-at-birth resemblance to The Rolling Stones frontman has to be seen to be believed. Not only does he physically embody Jagger with his appearance and spot-on mannerisms, but Skipper’s vocal style is a dead ringer, too.

Locked and loaded with an arsenal of top-notch, seasoned musicians (Martin Abbott, Eddie Brodeur,  David Lang, Darryl Lee & Barry ‘Keef’ Zion) The Jagged Stones painstakingly recreate each note of this time-honored music.

‘Keef’ more than admirably nails Keith Richards’ gritty guitar grind and rivals the stage presence of “The Human Riff” himself. Eddie Brodeur’s ace fretwork leaves audiences amazed. Abbott & Lee anchor the rhythm on drums and bass respectively, Lang complements the band superbly with his rocking keyboard and piano flourishes.  The Jagged Stones horns, singers, and percussionist round out the wall of sound, providing a solid backdrop and filling in the colors to provide the subtle nuances that make the songs timeless and capture the excitement of the Stones exciting Arena shows.

The Jagged Stones provide a grade-A entertainment experience on every level. They’re equally at home on the festival circuit, at corporate gigs and on the concert hall stage.

The next best thing to the real deal, see why The Jagged Stones are causing fans to open up and say “ah!”